Driving positive change in healthcare communication

Get the most out of healthcare communication with Aidline! Easy and customizable integration opens up countless benefits for both clinics and EHR vendors.

24/7 Availability

Call Aidline anytime, and any day! Now you can handle your clinic-related inquiries even when the clinics are closed at night or during the weekend.

Have a peace of mind knowing that, with Aidline, you have access to reliable and quick assistance whenever you need it.

Any telephony device

Aidline eliminates technological barriers by providing access to any telephony device. Empty battery? Not familiar with using smartphones?

There is always a way to reach Aidline.

Aidline enables users to reach out for assistance from any platform or gadget they prefer, whether it’s a landline, smartphone, tablet, and even computer via platforms such as Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and others.

Answering FAQ

Aidline answers frequently asked questions, offering quick and reliable information to patients about their healthcare data from their Electronic Health Records, and scheduled appointments from the clinic’s calendar.

Since Aidline offers customizable solutions tailored to different clinics, patients are able to make specific inquiries relevant to the practice they are calling.

Appointment scheduling

Scheduling is just a call away and as easy as talking to a real human! Free form conversation about scheduling is definitely more complex than answering FAQ but totally doable.

Out of the box, Aidline integrates with EHR systems and clinic’s calendars, having an insight into the free and booked appointment slots. You can schedule, reschedule or cancel your appointments by choosing the department, and the available date and time most convenient for you.

Nearly human voice

At Aidline, we understand spoken language is the most natural means of communication. Our voice assistant understands your intent, and answers in a clear voice, steering the conversation to reach your goal.

We put our best effort into making the voice of Aidline pleasant, and the tone as conversational and relaxed as possible.

We want the caller to feel as if they were talking to a real staff member.

Symptom information

Aidline eliminates bottlenecks by redirecting patients to the appropriate departments.

If you are uncertain which department to ask for, Aidline has got it covered! Simply describe what you are feeling, and leave it to Aidline to schedule your appointment at the department that could best address your symptoms.

By understanding natural language and intent, this voice assistant is able to direct patients to different physicians, taking that task off of staff’s busy schedule.


Why add Aidline into your EHR?

Easy and customizable implementation

Aidline offers effortless and customized implementation into Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, allowing the medical staff to use its full potential with their existing workflows.

Data security 

Aidline ensures robust data security, safeguarding sensitive patient information with advanced encryption protocols and strict access controls. Access through telephony only minimizes the attack surface of the system.

Not changing how you work

Implementing Aidline takes little to no effort – and getting used to it is a piece of cake! No staff training is required to get a grasp of how Aidline works with your EHR.


The core values that shape our culture


Zero wait time / No unanswered calls

Waiting for the operator to pick up the phone is a thing of the past! Aidline manages hundreds of parallel calls simultaneously, which leaves no room for busy lines or a lack of staff.


Anytime, from anywhere

Aidline works even when the clinics don’t! You can call this voice assistant anytime, any day of the week, and anywhere you are at that moment, and know that Aidline will always pick up!


No waiting room crowds

By enabling remote communication and appointment management, Aidline reduces the need for patients to physically wait in crowded waiting rooms.


No overtime, no overload

Aidline takes over the repetitive task of answering the phone, taking that burden off the staff and enabling them to focus on patient care and have a better work-life balance.


Maximized Productivity

With Aidline taking over the tasks of providing services over the phone, clinics can achieve higher productivity levels, accomplishing more with fewer staff members.


Easy data access 

Aidline offers easy data access – by integrating with the clinic’s existing EHR system, the staff can access patient and scheduling information like they used to, but without having to enter it themselves.

Find out how Aidline can transform your clinic's operations.

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Implement Aidline in a few easy steps

1. Ask to change forwarding

It’s time to let Aidline help your staff by taking over part of their manual tasks!

We will ask your telephony provider to prepare call forwarding.

2. Go through a questionnaire

Let’s make Aidline fully personalized for your clinic!

All you have to do is provide your data, and our team will train the AI to match.

3. Integrate Aidline

You don’t have to change your existing EHR system.

Get us in touch with your tech team, we configure Aidline to securely access your EHR.

4. Upload to the cloud

Aidline should be available and provide services to your patients 24/7.

That is why our team will deploy Aidline instance to Cloud.

5. Test Aidline

Confirm the software validity and help us address feedback quickly!

We will ask you to join us in testing Aidline - two heads are better than one!

6. Confirm forwarding

Just one more step and your personalized Aidline is ready for use!

With your permission, we will ask your tech provider to apply forwarding.